Thai Company Affidavit, Lease Documentation & Other Requirements

Before a lease term can begin, the property landlord will require you to provide several forms of documentation and a deposit.  Some of these you may already have, while others may need to be obtained from a government office. Not all items are required for every business, and deposit terms can vary, but the most common requirements are listed below.  Our team can assist you with any questions regarding the documentation and deposit requirements for your business and the requirements of the property where you wish to lease office space.

  • Lease Documentation & Requirements:
    1. Company Affidavit: This is obtained from the Thai Ministry of Commerce – Department of Business Development. This can take several weeks to over a month to process.  We advise hiring someone with knowledge of the Thai Company Registration requirements and process if you are unfamiliar with Thai business setup.
    2. *Notarized Company Registration: This is only required if your business already exists in another country and your Thai Company Affidavit is being processed and is not yet available. This would be your company’s current legal registration from your home country.
    3. Form of Identification:  A Government ID or the Passport of the person authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the tenant.
    4. *PP20 VAT Registration Form: (Required by Thai Department of Revenue): This is not required of all businesses.  If you are unsure whether this will be required from your company, we can provide you with further information.
    5. Lease Deposit: 3 months deposit and first month’s lease payment.

**Note this serves only as a guideline.  Your business may need further documentation or other items not listed here.