Beginning Your Search For Bangkok Office Space

The process begins with determining your needs.  You likely already know what you’re looking for, but we can help you find a property that fits your requirements.

  • Determine Your Needs:
    1. Budget: One of the first things to consider is your budget for office space.  Keep in mind that you may still have additional costs such as utilities which can vary depending on the size and energy efficiency of the property.
    2. Size: A general guideline is 10 sqm. per employee, however this can vary depending upon the employee type and office layout.  Most office space begins at 100 sqm., there are occasionally smaller units available but there are not very many and they can be difficult to find.  Most units smaller than 100 sqm. are serviced offices which include additional features and services as well as different lease terms.
    3. Location: Things to consider when choosing a location can include; access convenience for clients and staff, being in the vicinity of similar businesses or supporting vendors, and access to Bangkok transit (BTS, MRT, etc.).  We can guide you if you’re not sure what areas of the city might fit your needs best.
    4. Lease Term: Depending on the property, most lease terms are 3 years with an option to renew, however other options are available at times.